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Ever since I gained my sister's powers, and her throne, my life has become decidedly more complicated. Beyond the obvious, my newfound responsibilities on top of my already busy family life, I have had to adapt to life in two bodies. The shift is painless now, though sometimes I forget, though my children are familiar now with Papa looking like a Mama, and Nick even requests I stay that way so he can play with my hair. They have taken to this faster than anyone, and for that I am very thankful.

When I first started having to change, it hurt. I felt like I was being torn apart, manipulated and twisted from one form to another. The day that I made myself taller for Gui was the worst, I had to change more than my flesh, but my entire skeletal structure. I found the source of the pain of my transformation that day, my bones were my stumbling block, it hurt because I was pulling my body up off them, rehanging it like clothing on a rack until it suited me. Until that moment, I did see of my skin as an outfit I was changing for my different purposes.

It has taken a while to change my thinking, and perfect my methods. I'm not pulling my flesh from it's rack any more, rather I take a moment and clear my mind, and I lift it away slowly. The closest thing I can compare it to is being underwater, it feels as if everything is simultaneously floating and breaking apart like a cloud in the sky, reforming into another shape fluidly. The process takes seconds, but it feels like a lifetime.

But, though my appearance may drift and change with ease, my bones remain the same. I know the day is soon to come when they can break apart gracefully as well.

My Boys

Right now I'm lying on my bed next to three little boys who I couldn't possibly begin to love more. Just a couple of days ago, our little Tobias Eric became the brother of two utterly beautiful little babies, Nicholas Gabriel and Owen Nathaniel. All three of them are just...perfect.

Already updated my info on here. I'm a father of three, I want the world to know it.

I'm so, so happy, and I love all of you that read this. Especially you, Gui...come take a picture of your boys.

Grammar Lesson + Babble

I saw this and automatically thought of you, Gui. The fact that there's a poster as well made me laugh, I wonder if you can get all of this in the form of a postcard to hand out to people.

I also found a funny summary of Twilight.

Can you tell I'm bored this morning? I've already made breakfast, there are pies in the oven, and I'm lying outside on a lounge chair with the laptop watching Tobi play in the sand. I've noticed that I've actually gotten a lot of sun on my back, thanks to my new swimsuit, and I have bloody freckles on the small of my back. I didn't even know that could happen. I'm absolutely covered in them now, there's even a couple on my chest.

I'm just glad I'm not into topless tanning. I don't want to think of where the freckles would end up then.

Ohhh Fuck, I Found A Down Side To This...

I had a few things to grab from the market today, so I left the kids at the house to go get them, figuring I'd rather have a quick trip out than a full blown outing. I decided to head to a really good fresh air market I've been to before, mostly because I like their stuff, and because it was a nice day out as well. Might as well do a bit of yarn shopping, right?

Of course, when I get there, they're having a massive sale, and people are scrambling around like animals. Instead of saying fuck this and leaving like I should have, I spotted a pile of the new Malabrigo Organic Cotton, and I decided to pick some up for a shirt for Tobi. Well, apparently I grabbed a hank that had been spotted by someone else, and she decided to persuade me to let her take it by driving her elbow into my left breast. I hit the ground hard, I couldn't even breathe for a second, it just HURT.

So, when I caught my breath, I paid her back by punching her in the right breast. She then grabbed my hair, I then kicked her leg, and...okay, it dissolved into a bit of a cat fight...which was broken up by the owner who told me that this woman had been a problem in the past. She apologized, and told me to pick a free couple of hanks of yarn.

So ha ha, it's MY fucking wool, bitch.

*goes to put ice down shirt*

Pumpkin Carving Fun 2.0

Decided to do an activity with all the kids today, and figured that there would be no better one than carving pumpkins. But I thought I'd learned from last time, you see, I wasn't going to get one gigantic pumpkin, I was going to get three medium ones and a small one, one for each of them even if Marina really couldn't do anything with hers. I even figured I would just let her draw on hers whilst I carved the other three for the boys.

Picking out the pumpkins was easy enough for Bryce, Psy, and Marina, but Arkadiy didn't want one with dirt on it, so that took about half an hour for him to find a symmetrical and clean one. Then Psy decided that he wanted a smaller one than Bryce, but one that was misshapen because no one else would pick that one, so we had to find the UGLIEST pumpkin in the pile. Bryce then asked if he could have another pumpkin so he could make one for his parents, so I ended up agreeing, and then Arkadiy and Psy decided THEY needed more, so...an hour later, and we were finally good to go. By the time we left, we had our pumpkins, as well as a carving set, some paint, and candles, and I had a headache.

Got back to the house and cleaned up the pumpkins. Gave Marina some Crayola markers for hers because they wash off baby skin and I'm not an idiot. Set to cleaning out the pumpkins for the other three, and Arkadiy looked horrified by the gunk as I was pulling it out. Bryce told him that it was pumpkin, like pumpkin pie, and that he liked the pumpkin pie I'd made him before. Arkadiy, who must have really liked it more than I thought, then picked up some of the gunk and popped it in his mouth. Yeahhhh, that didn't go over well.

Fast forward two hours, and pumpkins are carved to VERY specific demands. Marina is still having a party with her pumpkin which is now every colour in the book, and I let the boys take some paint to theirs. This seemed to be going quite calmly, so I took Marina to clean her up and put her down for a nap, and returned to Psy painting his own arms and Arkadiy's back. Thankfully it's washable, but still, not what I needed.

After they were finished, bathed, and into new clothes, we roasted all the pumpkin seeds in the oven, and there were TONS!!! Arkadiy still refuses to eat them because he's convinced they're terrible, but Bryce and Psy were snacking away on them as I settled them down to watch some movies so I could clean the kitchen up, and find that Domi had purple stripes down his back. I guess he'd went to check on Psy as he was making the pumpkins and got decorated as well. Bath time for Domi now.

...guhhhh, holidays aren't made for adults, are they?

Slowly Learning...

Okay, first off, I need a bathing suit. I realized today why you shouldn't swim in a bra, it was awful, I still have red marks all over me. I didn't think there was a difference between the two, but...yeah, I was really wrong. I'm thinking something like this so...do I really need to say why? I think it speaks for itself.

Also, I may be crazy, but I think Marina likes me more now. She keeps reaching down my shirt all the time, I think she's confused about where they came from. Uncle Joe was much less squishy a few days ago.

On a more serious note, I love you guys and girls so much, you've all been so supportive and wonderful. I couldn't ask for better friends and family, and I know I keep thanking everyone, but I mean it and more. I even forgive you all for groping me, though Opal, I have to say you must have skin of steel because Balthasar's grip HURTS.

And I'm aware I'm supposed to be napping to de-stress, but...the laptop was right there...and I needed a new icon...

Napping now, I swear...after I buy some sock yarn...

WTF Subconscious

I had a dream this afternoon that we ran away to live in Germany. We changed Psy's name to Tobias, Garrett's to Amrit, and mine was Gretchen. Yeah, I crossdressed.

Oh, and I dyed my hair dark blond and straightened it.

Icing on the wtf cake? We ran a bed and breakfast.

...what the fuck?

...seriously...what the fuck?


At Least She Got A Few More Days....?

Air France crash survivor dies in car accident

Fate* must have reeeally wanted a hold of that woman...

* I say this more in a general sense, not as an expression of my personal beliefs.**

** Though I'm not saying I don't entirely disbelieve in fate.***

*** Though I'm also not saying I prescribe to the notion that we are all following a predetermined path through life.



Gare and I really, really need to go on a trip and I have a few ideas in mind.


Bora Bora

New Caledonia

Christmas Island

What do you guys think? Obviously the final choice is ours, but I'm bored so I wanna hear opinions.

Also, Jude, Gare and I were wondering if we could take Psy during the day and have him stay with you at night. We'll pay extra if it's okay with you and Cez.